Website Design

Websites made easy

We are passionate about supporting small businesses and in this day and age a decent website is an absolute must have for what ever you sell or offer.  It doesn't have to cost thousands of pounds to have a gorgeous and appealing website to showcase your products or services. 

Here at the net collective you can get us to design you one for as little as £200.  All our websites are fully responsive and easy to manage once we hand over the reigns to you ! Or keep us on and we can update your site as and when you need us too. 

To start .... All you need is to purchase yourself a domain name and we can set you up with a website template to suit your needs - most of the template companies we use are a fully hosted option.  We will choose the right template for you based on your needs. Hosted templates cost anything from £6 per month

Supply us with the proof read content and images for your pages.

We can provide product photography and head shots for your 'contact page' and for all your social media profiles. 

Cost in short 

- Domain ( from £6 for 2 years ) 

- Website Design from £200 for 5 pages 

- Hosting template - from £6 per month

Here are a some websites that we have designed.  Click on the image to take you to their website.